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Molly Monosky, Archivist at the Fairchild Archive, to Speak at Symposium Exploring Fashion and Information

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The fifth bio in the series by LIM College Librarian Rachel King on the panelists and moderators at Fashion: Now & Then, a symposium at LIM College.

Molly Monosky
Molly Monosky is the archivist of the
Fairchild Archive, a collection of items associated with Fairchild Publications, a 19th- and 20-century newspaper and magazine publishing company now owned by Condé Nast. Fairchild is best known for the title Women’s Wear Daily, known by insiders as “the Bible of fashion.”

Molly went to Condé Nast after years of working as an archivist in the non-profit and academic realms. “I love fashion,” she says. “It seemed like the perfect place.”

Five years later, she’s still enamored of the rich visual history housed in the collection. “The most interesting thing about working with magazine photography is finding cool pictures. It’s the best.” She adds, “The most surprising thing about this particular collection is how much it gets used. The editorial staff of WWD is constantly asking for research and images for issues.” Enabling current fashion editors to delve back into the publisher’s past is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. “It affirms all of the work we do to preserve the photos and make them more accessible.”

Molly has an M.L.S. with a concentration in Archives Management from Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science in Boston. She has worked for Lighthouse International, a non-profit organization that serves people who are vision impaired, as well as the Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscripts Library.

Rachel King

Registration is open now! Read more about the symposium and register on the
Fashion: Now & Then symposium blog and on the LIM College website.

This bio was originally published on the LIM College Archives blog.

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