Tuesday, August 25, 2015

“SALUDOS, AMIGOS!”: Fashion and The Good Neighbor Policy

Every great story has a subplot, and the subplot to fashion is trends!  We all know the sweeping saga of Forties’ fashion; it’s a tale of uniforms, utility and rationing.  Yet within its familiar fashion landscape of shoulder pads and ‘Make Do And Mend’, there existed a trend that embraced – not only fashion – but everything from music to movies, and from hobbies to home ware to hobbies; Latin America!

With most ‘South of the Border’ nations undeclared at the onset of WWII, Roosevelt set out to woo – not only our soon-to-be allies to the South – but a weary American public.  Re-billing the decades’ old Pan-American Agreement, “The Good Neighbor Policy” was launched upon a war torn American public, each longing for the tropical idyll and the carefree exoticism they imagined existed in Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, et al.

A  forgotten slice of American cultural history, “The Good Neighbor Policy” heralded many fashion trends still popular today (espadrilles, peasant blouses), and in her paper, “SALUDOS, AMIGOS!”: Fashion and The Good Neighbor Policy, Professor Amanda Hallay will disinter a moment in 20th Century History when all one needed was rum-based cocktail and a Bakelite sombrero pin to transport oneself away from the worrisome Home Front and into a land where perhaps people really did wear bananas on their heads.

Amanda Hallay will be presenting “SALUDOS, AMIGOS!”: Fashion and The Good Neighbor Policy on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at the Fashion: Now & Then: Passé, Presente, 未来 Conference

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Fashion: Now & Then Conference Ron Knoth Lecturer on Saturday, October 24

Digital tactility: How physical collections, archives and stores still matter 
in the Information Age
As our lives become deeply interconnected with the digital world, what role will our collections, archives and physical stores have in the information age?
How can these treasured collections and physical experiences not only remain relevant but flourish as new technologies and digital formats rise to prominence?
Caleb Sayan shares observations and lessons learned from his six years of experience digitizing an archive of 40,000 textiles and launching Textile Hive, a digital platform for the collection. 
Caleb will be the Ron Knoth Lecturer at this year’s Fashion: Now & Then Conference

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 Fashion: Now & Then Conference Keynote on Friday, October 23

New Digital Resource for Fashion Education and Scholarship
Amanda Breccia and James Lingle; Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing and Fairchild Books unveil Bloomsbury Fashion Central, a new digital platform packed with classroom, research and teaching content in one convenient place. With over 600,000 never-before-seen digitally published fashion images, video content, original articles, and more, it will be a perfect resource for any fashion professor, student or scholar. Presenters will give an overview of the product and how it has been designed to meet the needs of students, academics, and instructors, and then invite the feedback of attendees and take questions.

Amanda Breccia and James Lingle will be the Fashion: Now & Then: Passé, Presente, 未来 Conference keynote speakers on Friday, October 23, 2015.

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